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It was in 2008 that we first heard the term "Riviera Nayarit", and we decided to come here for a visit for Easter week that year to see what it was all about. Outside of Nuevo Vallarta we didnt't find any hotels, so we ended up staying in Puerto Vallarta, which was also a first time visit for us. Sometime later we decided to shop for a vacation home; we were looking for a place that would captivate us, somewhere we would love to spend all of the precious free time we had.

We started to investigate and compare prices, and we could see the advantages that Riviera Nayarit offered over other destinations. We liked the physical setting, with mountains that provide excellent views and a lush backdrop for clean, softsand beaches, plus a temperate climate with warm winter temperatures. We liked the area's tourist planning with respect for the environment, the high level of security, and fewer occurrences of huricanes. We wantes to admire the beautifil Pacific sunsets, and gaze at the infinite blue of the sea without the bustle of a tourist resort, but with all of the modern amenities, and we decided that an apartment in a small complex would be best for us.

Sayulita fulfilled all our requirements. During the month we were here, we experienced a town full of life with a beatiful beach, just steps away from our door. originally a fishing village, Sayulita was discovered by the surfing crowd in the 60's, and the main plaza wasn't inaugurated until the 70's, with most of the town's growth happening in the last ten years (3,000 inhabitants). On September 2015 Sayulita obtained recognition as "Pueblo Mágico" (Magical Town) given by Secretary of Tourism in Mexico. The original inhabitants have given added value to this hideaway - they are smiling and friendly - always ready to welcome visitors, well aware of the benefit tourism has brought to the community.

Sayulita is a pleasant mix of cultures, without losing its authenticity as one of those typical Mexican towns that exist mostly in our memories, and many consider that Puerto Vallarta was exactly like Sayulita when Liz Taylor and Richard Burton were discovered here almost 50 years ago. They're still making movies on the Riviera Nayarit - important scenes were filmed here for the 2008 movie, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". Highway traffic is far away from the town and the air is filled with musical notes, the laugther of the children, and birds singing in the exuberant vegetation. Sayulita isn't like other commercial tourist beach resorts; on the contrary, it's bohemian and relaxed, completely without rules, a place where everyone lives as they please, respecting others rights to do the same, and this legends an enchantment to the town that few places have.

Fiendly dogs amble through the town, a mix of modest homes, boutique hotels and luxurious villas. Espresso bars, international cuisine taco stands and cafes that serve organic burritos compete for tourist dollars; Sayulita offers a fresh fusion of flavours like few other places. The size of the community makes it easy to get to knowpeople and make friends, and everyone, from well-heeled retirees, to hippy surfers and thirty-something yuppies, all live together in pleasant harmony with peaceful Mexican families. Travel & Leisure magazine considers Sayulita as one of the best options for North American retirement.

Leave Puerto Vallarta behind with pesky street vendors, aggressive time share hawkers and ambitious cab drivers. Sayulita offers all the services of a large tourist centre, but it's a world apart. As you spend your winter vacation in December relaxing on the beach, listening to all the different languages around you, you will feel greatfull this paradise, but keep it a secret, we never want it to lose its charm.

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